About Liberty & Arms

A Pro-America Company

Liberty and Arms was founded by 3 like minded Patriots and close friends who share the same values and beliefs as our Founding Fathers.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality merchandise, hand-picked by our founder Steve, to meet industry professional high standards of material quality, print process, and sewing production guidelines to be able to proudly label products made in America by Patriots who love this country and for Patriots who deserve high quality merchandise.

Our Vision

We have always dreamt about having my own outdoor, Pro America, Pro Gun, 2A lifestyle business. Having worked for many other companies to bring this idea of Made in USA, they all turned out to be cash grabs, not the Pro America 2A pitch that we originally signed up for. Liberty and Arms is not out to make just a sale, we want to build upon a long standing community to unite like minded individuals, groups, and those wanting to learn more about the culture into one. We are looking to build upon a lifestyle with fellow Patriots.

Our designs were made to be worn with a sense of pride and be able to engage in our freedoms that were passed down from our founding fathers.

Our Promise

Our promise is to deliver high quality merchandise to our fellow America loving Patriots. With us, you are not a number in a file system. You call, we will answer.